Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Happy (???) Back to School!

So I don't even have any kids GOING to school this year, and yet I still felt it today!!! There was a crowd of kids waiting for the bus at our corner, traffic on the way to the gym, a TON of people in the cardio area (thankfully I was already into my 3 miles before they came), and people were waiting for the FitLinxx strength machines!!! I had to stop by Target on my way home from the gym (I was SO embarrassed - all nasty and sweaty) because I had NO diapers in the house for Callie. As I was walking in and getting the 3 kids situated, a lady passed me and said "Don't worry - in a few years, you'll be like me - dropping off all your kids to school and then shopping at Target in peace by yourself!!!" Pretty funny. I'm excited about this year at home with all 3 kids - although shopping at Target by myself is pretty appealing too! One day!!

To all you 1st day of school-ers - can't wait to hear how it goes today!!!


anthonyandbeth said...

the Y always did get busy during school...no worries, a lot of them give up a couple weeks in. it should clear out for you soon! :) the days of no kids and quiet shopping will be nice but no need to rush it, right? :) i find myself wanting to hold on more and more lately b/c I'll have SO many years to shop alone, etc... this time is so short and it keeps passing faster and faster! :) Josiah's going to enjoy his school time with mommy this year before he takes off next year!

Jayne said...

Grayson loves back to school becasue he gets to see the school bus 3 times a day, morning, Kindergarten drop-off, and afterschool! There were more kids and moms today than before though. Some day all too soon it will be all of us with "nothing to do all day"!!