Saturday, September 22, 2007

We're Activated!!!

Getting all warmed up and stretched out (do you REALLY have to stretch if you're just running a mile??)
And we're off!!!

Here's Josiah after the race!!! Happy, but hot and sweaty! He ran the whole way!

This morning was our first race as a family!!! It was not a REAL race, but the Y was sponsoring an "Activate America" day today down at our AAA baseball stadium. What fun we had! They had lots of fun activities and games for the kids, a Christian man there who has won Strongest Man competitions and pulled a BUS for us, and of course the 1 mile fun walk/run. We had a blast! Josiah has been looking forward to this all week (so was I), and we had a great time! They had everyone out in the parking lot to do our "stretches" together (and they did this hilarious "cha cha" song that I looked ridiculous doing (one of my 8 things should have been that I CAN'T DANCE!), and then we were off! And since most everyone was walking, Josiah and I led the pack!! We had so much fun - they had Y workers all along the course to show us the way, and they were cheering him on, clapping for him, it was too cute!!! It's gotten me very excited for the next REAL race for me!!! A very fun morning!!!

Oh, and Callie finally got to try green veggies today. Green beans - definitely did NOT like them!!! The boys got a KICK out of seeing that!!! We'll try again tomorrow!


Jayne said...

YES you need to stretch! There are some of us who wouldn't have been able to even do that 1 mile, so kudos to you NAD JOSIAH for your run! When is the next "real" race?!

Jen said...

Congratulations! Sounds like it was a great time and Josiah looked like he put everything he had into it. What a special time for both of you!

Heidi said...

Look at that sweaty little boy!! He was like Whew, I made it!!

Heather J said...

I love it, I know Josiah will treasure that forever!! Was it the 'new' electric slide?

anthonyandbeth said...

look at that cute boy, all flushed! he is going to be a track star for sure! :)