Saturday, September 22, 2007

Friday Night...and 7 kids!

Jacob, Seth Albritton, Joel Albritton, and Josiah (they were in bathing suits waiting for David to get home so we could go swim!!)

Seth was so cute with Callie. He said that "she really loves when you play peek-a-boo...but you have to do it two times before she'll smile!"

Here they all are (well, Callie was in bed already). Going around the table, it's Joel Albritton, Anna Claire Albritton, Jacob, Seth Albritton, Harris Albritton, and Josiah. And the pizza they all inhaled!

Seth, Anna Claire, Joel, and Jacob building yet another track.

So I'm hanging out on Friday afternoon, feeding Callie her lunch, when my neighbor Julie calls. She asked if I could watch her 4 kids for the afternoon/evening - she was heading to Lynchburg for a women's conference (jealous!!), and her husband had a wedding rehearsal that they forgot he had to do. Anyways, around 2 pm, her kids came over (ages 10, 8, 6, and 4). What fun we had!!! Jacob and Callie thought it was great waking up from their naps to a household of kids to play with!! Once David got home, we headed to the pool (indoor!) to swim for a little bit before dinner. I WISHED I could have taken a picture, but we were quite busy keeping eyes on the 7 kids!!! It was a blast though (I think we stressed the lifeguard out - those indoor ones are used to not a whole lot of activity!!!) We came home and had pizza for dinner, and I realized that I'm going to have to get used to making a lot more food once our kids grow up a bit more. We went through 3 pizzas with not a crumb left. They are sweet kids, and we had a great time with them! How grateful we are to have great neighbors!!!


The Chatterton Family said...

Seven kids and you still have time to post a blog??? You're one incredible woman!!! Kudos to you!!It looked like a lot of fun!

Courtney said...

yea, you made that look easy. i think you need to have 7 ;-)

Jayne said...

I don't even want to hear how fabulous the Women's conference was in Lynchburg! Did she tell you about the line-up of speakers, not to mention that Avalon was doing a concert and that Charles Billingsley was doing Praise and worship?!! I have been going for 4 years now and it just keeps getting better. They sold out the TRBC sanctuary (6000 seats) so they had to move it to VInes Center and that sold out too!!

Anyways enough about the conference. I know she was glad that you watched the boys for her so she could go get energized!!

Jen said...

So are you ready to have 7 of your own? Can you imagine? I don't know if I could take 3 swimming and not have a nervous breakdown - you are one brave girl! Glad it was a fun Friday night.