Thursday, December 27, 2012

Welcome Grandmommy and the Hassells!

 Grandmommy meets Judah :)

 We packed everyone up that afternoon and headed out to the zoo!  David got his mom a wheelchair so she could enjoy it without having to do all the walking.  And it was a bit chilly that day!  :)
 Oops...out of order...not changing it either...
 The whole crew! (Minus me - taking the picture - and Judah - who was in the stroller right next to me :)  )
 The kids were dying to show Emily and Noah the ropes course and they were so excited - even Sharolyn decided she wanted to do it!
 Caleb and I walked around to see some animals while the big kids were doing the ropes.  Hello Mr. Elephant!

 Callie did it with David - she's braver than me!

 We got to see Baby Winston - the new baby giraffe that's only 6 weeks old!  He is adorable!
 Emily and Caleb
 Grandmommy and Callie - snuggled all up together :)
 Noah, Jacob, and Josiah 
(don't you love how everyone is all bundled up...and Josiah's in a tshirt? Good grief!)
 David and his sister, Sharolyn (and her husband Wade in the background grinning!)
 Trying to teach Caleb how to play Uno.

 We watched the DVD of the kids' musical from Christmas

 Enjoyed some dessert...
...and they taught us how to play Mexican Train dominoes (Beth taught us a couple of years ago, but we forgot...).  It was fun!

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sandi said...

that's a great ropes course. sam is so like josiah.... everyone bundled up and he's in a t-shirt or shorts. crazy boys!