Friday, December 21, 2012

LOTS to do...

My musical was over.  That was a BIG checkmark.  Kids were out of school and class parties over.  Another big check mark.  Normally, once we get to that point, I am feeling good.  But this year was not that way.  Because of a couple different things.  The last two years, the kids were out of school the entire week before Christmas.  That was so nice. This year, they went to school through Wednesday.  Which left me feeling like we didn't have that whole week.  Everything was crammed into two days.  The other big thing was that this weekend was our big Worship & Arts Open house.  I LOVE hosting it - it is such a special time for our whole ministry to come together and fellowship -sort of our gift to them.  A way to say thank you to such special people.  But I won't lie.  It is a BIT of work to clean and cook and prepare to feed 100+ people in your home! PLUS, David had decided that we were not going to be doing an Adult Christmas Concert this year - we were only going to focus on the Christmas Eve services.  We have more visitors on Christmas Eve than any other day of the year, and so we wanted to focus our efforts on making that hugely impactful.  What that practically meant though, was that we were still going full steam with rehearsals and stress and practicing up until Christmas Eve - instead of breathing another sigh of relief after the second week in December when our adult concerts used to be :). All that to say, I was definitely feeling the stress...

 The kids' wheels were starting to come off too.  Some ugliness was manifesting.  Love when that happens when all you want to do is sit and enjoy your mom's visit!  But alas, that's reality.  Tried to redirect them with a project - they did great and were very helpful!  

 They did a great job making these candies :)

Later that afternoon...
 I decided that instead of making gingerbread houses like we have in the past, we were going to do trees instead.  Much simpler. Sugar cones turned upside down.  Frost and decorate like a Christmas tree.  No waiting for royal icing to harden.  No praying that the walls don't cave in.  It was perfect :)
 A little trampoline break with a "few" of her stuffed animals/babies :)

 Perhaps he thought if he licked everything first it would stick better?

 Their finished masterpieces.  David's is nearest to us in the picture and then they go in birth order from there :)
 I was cooking like a crazy person in the kitchen while all of these projects and fun family moments were happening :).  I put them to work on assembling the "Not Yo' Mama's Banana Pudding".
 Callie was very closely admiring/sneaking bites of hers
 Slicing a LOT of bananas!!!
 Christmas movie break :) Snuggled underneath Tutu's blanket again
Completed!  Dessert is ready for the Open House tomorrow!!  Thanks to my sous chefs!

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