Wednesday, December 12, 2012


He woke up at 4:45 AM again this morning - UGH.  Not sure if it was a coughing fit again or if he is just getting ready for cereal.  Can't start that until he is all well, but I have a feeling we are close! He is MUCH better today.  Took him back to the doctor and his blood levels are much better (were 20,000 yesterday, down to 13,000 today!).  Rash still looked crazy, so the doctor gave me the ok to give him benadryl and see if that takes care of it.  Will call him in the morning with an update to determine if I need to bring him in again today or tomorrow.

He seems so much better to me today though.  Perkier.  Sweet boy.  I am blessed.  4 months old.  Can't believe how quickly time goes by. Here's what's going on with my sweet Judah Benjamin:

* Weighed 15 lbs 2 oz. (40th percentile) and 25 1/2 inches (60th percentile)
* Loves to smile and talk and coo to anyone who will look at him
* Getting control of his hands and fingers - starting to reach at his toys and try to grab them. 
* Can sometimes hold on to a toy.
* Settled into a great schedule.  Feedings are around 7 am, 10:30 am, 2 pm, 5 pm, 7pm and bedtime.  I get him up one more time at 10 pm for a last feeding of the night.  He takes 2 naps (before the 10:30 and 2 pm feedings that are usually 1.5-2 hours long), then one more nap before the 5pm feeding that's about an hour.  Sleeps from 10pm-7 am.
* Laughs hysterically everytime you take his arm out of his clothes when you change him. Its the strangest thing!!
* Loves and responds to music
*Loves to sleep on his tummy
* Can hold his neck/head/chest up so GREAT!
*Rolls to his side, but not all the way over yet.
* Wearing 3-6 month clothes, but even some of those are snug :)
* Loves to chew on his fist/hands/fingers
*Still taking a bottle well (when he stays with David or a babysitter)
*Hair is hilarious!
*Is so patient with his brothers and sister who are constantly in his space!!!
*Rarely cries.  Seriously.  Such a happy boy. He is a trooper - especially with the schedule we keep up on certain days!  I try to keep his days as normal as possible to help!
*In Size 2 diapers. Had to buy my first pack a week or so ago - was blessed to have diapers up until then from gifts and my baby shower!!  
* Will probably be trying cereal soon!!  :)


Judy said...

I'm so glad he's getting better! How on earth can be only be in the 40th% for his weight with those chubby legs and double chin??!!! He looks like a chunky little man to me! I love seeing him. I'm so glad you got your blog updated.

Courtney said...

so so glad he's feeling better!!! how scary!