Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Secret of Snowflake County

 This year's children's musical was called "The Secret of Snowflake County".  It was incredibly fun! Exhausting and a ton of work, but it was amazing!!!  It seriously is SO much fun to be involved in this ministry and I am so proud of all of the kids and the job they did tonight sharing the message of Jesus!!!

The ONLY downside to being the director is I don't ever get to sit back and watch the kids perform.  So the only pictures I have are from sweet other people that tag me in their FB posts!  :)
 Our hungry raccoons - Wilson and Caleb.  Bffs.  They absolutely stole the show.  The drama referenced some issues they had with edible decorations on their floats in years past, and the hungry raccoons.  Every time the drama said something like that, these two would run across the stage and then run back into hiding.  It was HILARIOUS!!!

 Josiah and his bud Joey.  They two had main drama parts and did a GREAT job!  Josiah was "Mitch", and his float entry was "A Kickin' Country Christmas!" complete with line dancing shepherds and angels :)
 My main drama cast - they did a SUPER job!!!!
 Technically, drama parts are only open to 3rd graders and older.  But this program needed a younger, shy boy that didn't have ANY lines but had to read a narration at the end.  Jacob played the part of "Max" and did a great job.  It was very hard for him not to smile but he did it!  :)

Teaching 60 kids to line dance was absolutely HYSTERICAL!!!  :)

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