Saturday, December 8, 2012

Pies and Performances

 I decided that for my thankyou gift for all my assistant directors this year, I'd make them each an apple pie!!  I had a whole bag of apples from when we went picking at the orchard in the fall, and thought that would be something that they would enjoy and appreciate!!  So I spent the day Friday making the 10 pie crusts (from scratch - no Pillsbury roll outs for this one!) and then put my first two pies in the oven on Saturday morning.

Once they came out, it was time for us to load up and head down town.  My choir had been invited to be a part of the Historic Columbia Education Foundation's Children's Choir Showcase!  We were singing downtown on the steps of the Robert Mills house (the architect who designed the State House!) that afternoon - quite a priviledge!
 We looked so cute - all in our matching Music & Missions shirts...I wish I had thought (or had a minute to) to stop and have someone take our picture!

David ran the sound for me and took this picture from his spot at the table :)  We couldn't actually stand on the steps because of all our crazy choreography... I was grateful not to break my neck doing the grapevine and the twist in this gravel and rocks!  The kids did great and it made me very excited for our first dress rehearsal tomorrow!

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