Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Day After whirlwind...

 Callie is like her daddy.  As soon as she gets something new, she wants to wear it or use it right away!  This little cinderella outfit was from Kim & David, and she was ready to wear it the next morning!  :)  You can't see it really great, but it's got a tutu around the waist of the jacket - perfect :)  And see the crown on the hoodie?  Love it!

My mom.  Was more thankful that ever for her after this visit.  I hated that she came at what felt like such a stressful time.  So many things still going on.  And of course issues and flaws at hand.  But so thankful for her love and her support and her encouragement.  And she said "you know what?  They will grow up and take you fun places on your birthday like you girls are!"  :)  I laughed.  She is the BEST!

She left that morning to head back to Virginia.  And I started the laundry and getting the house back in order because David's family was set to arrive that night!!!

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sandi said...

your mom was always so sweet and understanding.