Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

My sweet kids.  They love to be all around me. And they get so excited for me.  Its very precious.  They couldn't hardly wait for me to open presents, so we opened them after breakfast :). No sense in waiting!

 New warm jammies from Kelli.

 Some hot coca...
 New sweater from Kristen (not from Sports Authority...just the box :) )
Kim got me some gorgeous jewelry too!

 A quesadilla maker from the kids (from mom)

 A card that Callie made for me
 He's a great babysitter!
 Mom's sweet card with shopping money in it :)
 And a really big box from David!
 A Dyson!!  WOW!!!!  Our vacuum has been dying a slow death for a long time.  We've been replacing the belt every other time I use it.  With 5 kids, you sort of need a good vacuum.  I turned over all of my coupons and kohls cash to him after Christmas with the hopes that perhaps he would find a good deal on one and he did!  Still, it was a sacrifice to spend that much on a vacuum.  I know he would have rather bought an ipad or something for himself!  I was SO excited though!!!
 THIS is what came up after I vacuumed ONLY the living room for the first time!  And I had just vacuumed with my old, dying vacuum.  AND I had just had my carpets cleaned 2 weeks ago! This thing is amazing!
 So happy about my new vacuum.  Seriously.  I know alot of women don't get it.  But I'm practical.  If you're going to insist on spending money, don't blow it on something I'll use rarely or don't really need.  Spend it on something that I will use all the time!!  
 My sweet friend Alli dropped off this cake that her girls made and decorated for me :)  Isn't that the best?  And it got David off the hook from having to make one for me!
 I even got a massage that afternoon with a gift certificate that my choir directors had given to me.  It was HEAVENLY!!!
 We played some games with the boys while waiting for midnight...
 The boys headed down to the neighbor's house to watch them set off fireworks in our court...I stayed home on my nice cozy couch to feed Judah... 

They made it until midnight - couldn't believe it!  And we taught them a new game - Scattergories!  It's fun having older kids!  :) Looking forward to 2013 and all that God has planned for us in the new year!!


anthonyandbeth said...

Happy happy birthday!!! And we have matching vacuums!! Yippee! 😊

Courtney said...

i love your vacuum...i think i'm going to have to beg for one. ours is HORRIBLE!!

sandi said...

i sort of missed your birthday friend. happy (very late) birthday! looks like you had a wonderful one surrounded by family and presents. so, can you drive a rental car yet?