Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Class Parties

Love getting to be a stay-at-home mom and get to participate in the kids' school regularly.  It's so important and my kids all still get so excited when they hear I'm coming to their class that day (I don't look forward to the day when that ends :( or I become not cool...). Tried to stay focused on this instead of the overwhelming part of needing to be at three different class parties, two of which I was in charge of, and - oh yeah - have a 3 year old and 4 month old nursing baby with me.  Awesome.  Thankfully, David was able to tag team with me!  First party up was Jacob's class.  His teacher scheduled their party in the morning so that was a huge help for my schedule!  :)

 The glue gun assembly line - they made their own snowglobes that turned out totally adorable!
 It was a reindeer themed party.  You'll be happy to know that I - yes the pinterest-challenged one - made the reindeer sandwiches!

 Bridget, the REAL homeroom mom who has it totally all together :) - set up all these different stations with Minute-to-win-it type games.  They were totally hilarious and so much fun! They were blowing Christmas cards down desks on this one.  Super fun!

On to the next party - Josiah's!
 They got to decorate their own Christmas cookies!  Made my stomach turn watching what they put on their cookies!  :)
 Is there even a cookie underneath all that frosting and decorations??
 All the kids brought in a wrapped book and they did a gift exchange :)
 Caleb was feeling super shy and he hid underneath the table during the party with his cookie :)
 Mrs. Farmer explaining how they were going to do the book exchange.  They all got a number, picked a book, and unwrapped it.
 Josiah's book was "High School Musical".  He was a wee bit embarrassed!  :)  
 Then they all stood in a circle with their books and she read one of those stories that had lots of words like "Left, Right, Across" in it - and they had to pass the book in the direction of the word she said.  You know the game?  It's super fun and they loved it.  And Josiah did NOT get stuck with the High School Musical book in the end :)
 Watching the party, but still underneath the table.
 Another game where they had paper plates on their head and she would tell them to draw a part of the Christmas scene.  At the end they took their plates down and got points based on how accurate their drawings were.  Since they couldn't see what they were drawing, it turned out really funny!

Party #3 - Callie's party!  This was at the same time as Josiah's party, so David went to hers.  I got it all set up for them and then left to take care of Josiah's.  They made gingerbread houses!  :)

David said Callie was very focused!  :)  Big day at school - lots of fun.  Now BIG deep breath and let Christmas vacation begin!!!  :)

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Courtney said...

you're such a good mom. even though i'm a stay at home mom, i don't "do" class parties. they are always during naptime. and it's just not worth the cost of no naps and a flustered mom for the rest of the day!