Saturday, December 1, 2012

Josiah's Sleepover...I mean...All-Nighter!

For Josiah's birthday this year, he decided that what he really wanted to do was have an all-nighter!   It cracks me up that this is such a big deal with him, but I was fine with it!  We had an open Friday night the weekend after his birthday, so he invited his two best buddies for the sleepover...I mean...all-nighter.  He was VERY emphatic that it was NOT a sleepover, that they were NOT going to sleep, that they WERE going to stay awake all night.  It was hilarious!!

 Earlier that afternoon, Mom's birthday present came in the mail - it was the Madden 2013 game for the Wii!  You talk about boys in heaven - they were thrilled!!
 I did a caramel cake for Josiah and my friend Angela printed the Gamecock logo on edible frosting to put on top - delish!!

 He was so excited about the logo!  :)

 Joey's card was perfect for these boys...I won't repeat it though...they thought it was awesome!  :)

 After pizza and presents and cake and some Madden, the boys got their sweatshirts on for a little outing...
 I had made some jello jigglers in the shapes of football helmets for them.  They loved them :)  David took them cosmic bowling!  He forgot to take any pictures (!!) but said they had a great time :).  I fed Judah and went to bed.  David and I had said that we would tag team - neither of us could stay up all night so we agreed to trade off.  I told David to wake me up when he was ready to switch.  

I think Noah fell asleep (rested his eyes...) for a little bit on the way to bowling.  When they got home, they decided to watch a movie - Home Alone - during which Noah fell asleep for good.  (By the way, those Home Alone movies are HILARIOUS!!).  Josiah and Joey played a little more Madden, then decided to watch the movie again (!! this cracks me up - the same movie?  Really?) and then they both fell asleep on the couch (this was around 4am).  David came up to bed at that point :)

These pictures are how I found the boys in the morning.  Not in jammies, not laying out on the bed or sleeping beds or anything.  I guess that's the difference between boys and girls!

Woke them up for pancakes in the morning and they talked about how AWESOME their all nighter was and how they can't wait to do it again!  :)  Funny boys!

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