Saturday, December 1, 2012

It's (FINALLY) beginning to look like Christmas!

Because we were gone over Thanksgiving and came back in full swing with church and choir practice the next day and then a full week of school, Josiah's birthday, all nighter, and Dad visiting, it felt like we were NEVER going to get to set up our Christmas decorations.  Once Dad left that afternoon, we FINALLY had a pocket of time to get the tree up.  I knew our window was small - a few members of our family had been up until 4 am, and they were going to need to get to bed early!!  But I at least wanted to get the tree up...and so we did!

 It was Josiah's year to hang the angel :)

 I can't tell you how much I LOVE to see my kids play with the nativity sets.  LOVE it!  They are NOT hands off decorations...and I love that!
 Playing with an "Away in the Manger" music box
 "A little more to the back".  He is so patient....I think it's straight now!
 Since we all swapped presents when we were in Florida in order to avoid shipping costs, we even had presents already wrapped to go under the tree!

We told them they could watch a Christmas movie and then it was going to be early to bed!  They wanted to watch Home Alone (again!!) - Josiah watched it at his all nighter but the others hadn't seen it.  I sat and fluffed garland while we watched it and it really is hilarious.  David was in bed asleep at 6 pm and the kids were all in bed 30 minutes later.  Me and Judah stayed up on his normal schedule while I caught up on my blogging!  :) I was actually thankful for this quiet evening - it dawned on me that it was our last quiet weekend evening until AFTER Christmas...and it's only December 1!!  Yikes!

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