Saturday, December 1, 2012

Gramps and Rita come to visit!

 We got Josiah's friends taken back home, Jacob came home from the birthday sleepover that he was at, and we had a few minutes before Gramps and Rita were due to arrive...let's play Madden!  :)
 Gramps brought Josiah's birthday present with them and he was instructed to open it right away...

 A remote control helicopter!  Cool!
 Dad giving the boys instructions & rules about the helicopter
 The little kids were totally captivated by it too!

 After Judah woke up and I fed him, we came downstairs and he was so happy to meet Gramps!
 The kids were quick to point out that Judah has more hair than Gramps does!  :)
 We headed out to the backyard to show Gramps and Rita our forts :)

 Callie wanted to show Rita how she knows how to read now!

 As I was pulling lunch together, Dad and the boys put together Jacob's hockey net.  This was Jacob's birthday present from Dad that we hadn't had a chance to put together yet.

They were SO excited! 

 Dad didn't realize the start of his vacation would be so much work!

 So glad they were able to stop by on their way to Hilton Head!!!  They live way up in Chicago, so we don't get to see them often, but we were thrilled that it worked out to see them...even though it was short!
I love you Dad!
(See in his hand?  I gave him a loaf of friendship bread and even made him take a starter!!!  We'll see if he actually followed the instructions and baked it!)  :)


Judy said...

Gramps comes up with some pretty fun gifts!!! Glad he could stop by for a visit!

Courtney said...

fun visit!

is that helicopter still "alive"?? joshua has had 2. they don't last long...