Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Zoo!

It was another one of those days. The weekend had been crazy busy. We had worked really hard the day before getting our "work" done - errands, cleaning, laundry. And so today I just needed a day to enjoy my kids without anything else. So we headed to the zoo. Since we have our annual passes, it's the easiest, best, free way to spend a day with my kids! :)
Callie always wants to do the ponies first. Caleb is obsessed with horses and wanted to ride for the first time, but got scared at the front of the line and told me he was too afraid! :) Callie on the other hand, loved it! (And don't you love the outfit she chose to wear to the zoo! Whatever!)
You don't think she enjoyed having my undivided attention, do you?

A little unsure about the carousel....
...oh yeah! I do like this thing!! :)
Stopped to play at the playground for a bit...which I can't do without remembering that sweet day on August 4, 2009 when i brought all 4 kids to the zoo....because I was in labor with Caleb!! Knowing I was in labor with him, but also knowing it was going to take some time. Where do you go when you have 4 kids, your husband is at work, and you need to walk? To the zoo of course! I remember calling my sister from the playground at the zoo and saying "they are coming closer, I think this really is it" and then calling David in the middle of staff meeting and saying "keep your phone close by..." :)

Before we left, Caleb wanted to try and ride the horse again. It was all he talked about all day at the zoo. So we got in line again. He got the helmet on again. Got the cute picture. And then the horse came up and he said he was too afraid again. He's so darn cute.

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