Thursday, November 3, 2011

And We're Off!!!

I should remember this and always make plans to get away in November. We were SOOO looking forward to getting away for this race. Not only for the race - we definitely were looking forward to that. And not only to see our sweet friends Beth and Anthony - we were SUPER excited about that. But it is VERY good for us as a couple to get away in November. It's about this point in the semester that things get totally insane - the fall semester of school and church stuff is in crazy full swing, and it is super nice to escape for a little bit and catch our breath before Thanksgiving and Christmas totally overtake us!

As soon as biblestudy was over, I gave my final instructions to our sweet friends here in town that were staying at our house with our kids on Thursday and Friday, gave kisses (to Callie & Caleb who barely noticed we were leaving :) ) and we hit the road!! We stopped for lunch at Ruby Tuesday (does any other restaurant give out HALF the amount of coupons that they do? Love their salad bar!!), and then got gas... this gas station! Yes, they had cheap gas, but I also told David it was a sign from God that we were going to have a GREAT race weekend! :)
Just a couple short hours (we live closer to Savannah than I thought - we were there in 2 hours!!) later, and we had arrived! We checked into our hotel and then headed out to explore downtown a bit. We were greated with these cute "Welcome Runners" signs everywhere we went! :)

This was a MUST - I had to know where The Lady & Sons was to be a future stop later in the weekend, and I just couldn't hold myself back any longer! Didn't even go in, but had to see it!! It was so freeing to just be able to drive around, take our time looking at things, have NO agenda or schedule or bed time or whiny kids to deal with - what a vacation!!! We drove around until we decided on dinner (Miyabi's Japanese Hibachi) and then saw Footloose! What a treat! Got back to the hotel in time to go to bed early - two nights before the race is the MOST important night of sleep, so we ENJOYED a great night sleep...and knowing we could sleep in!!!

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anthonyandbeth said...

The only bummer about the weekend was ot being able to be wo y'all this night! But fun for y'all to have a night out!!! :-). So fun to relive it and kind of sad that these memories we make pass by so quickly!