Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving morning started for me at midnight....when I went to CVS to do a little Black Thursday shopping. :) Yes, crazy. But boy did I get some steals! Got home a little after 3 am (YIKES!!), crawled in bed, and when the kids came in my room at 7 am felt like I had just shut my eyes!! David's sister Sharolyn & her family had driven through the night and arrived an hour early at our house. Our kids were so super excited and the activity kicked into high gear!!! We had a big breakfast, watched the parade, and snapped some green beans for our lunch later that afternoon.
Caleb is an excellent bean snapper! :) Who knew!
See how I'm in my glasses? That's because the contact solution that we use requires them to be in it for 6 hours in order to disinfect...and since I went to bed after 3 am and woke up at 7 am...well, you can do the math. That's never a good sign if I haven't even been asleep for 6 hours!

We only have about 4 place settings of "our" china. Really ought to get more one day, but there are more pressing things like socks and underwear and fruit that is always a higher priority. Anyways, this is the china that David's parents picked out when they got married. They gave it to us before his dad died and it's very special to me. The colors are similar to what I picked out, so they go together very nicely.
I spent alot of time in this spot on this day! I've done Thanksgiving dinner before, but never without my mom or sisters or someone - I was totally on my own this time...but it turned out great!!
This was one of our desserts. I'm not a huge pie person, so this is where I veer from the traditional. This was pumpkin praline cheesecake! Yum.!
One of my midnight STEALS :)
I love our tree. It's not very fancy or "coordinated". I wish I had beautiful ribbon cascading down...but then it would cover up all the handmade doilies that look like angels and little baby faces from the church nursery on half of my ornaments. Precious. And I wouldn't change a thing. I am thankful indeed!


Courtney said...

wow! what a busy thanksgiving weekend! your tree is beautiful!

sandi said...

i think your tree is lovely. those designer trees in magazines are much over-rated.