Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday still comes!

And the beauty of ministry is that just because I happened to run a half-marathon on Saturday, doesn't mean ministry doesn't continue on Sunday morning! We had a full day of church, then the Music & Mission kids went downtown to participate in a fundraiser for our local foodbank...where we were walking a 5K! Isn't that hilarious? :)
Caleb hanging out in the cafe....I'm pretty sure that this was not a purpose that our Executive Pastor envisioned when he approved ordering this cafe furniture :)
Some of our Music & Missions kids after the 5K - they did great! Was super proud of them, it actually felt good to walk it and loosen up my muscles some more. I shared some of my free Snickers energy bars that I had gotten from the Expo with the kids during the walk and they loved that! :)

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