Thursday, November 3, 2011

Oh, Caleb.

This sweet boy. He is a mess. Totally ruined by these big brothers of his.
This is his new favorite thing. He goes up to the boys' room and gets their sparring gear on. He can put it all on himself - although you'll notice his helmet is sort of backwards and his gloves are on upside down.
Then he runs at you (or his sibling) full speed and it is just hilarious. The kid thinks he is as old and as big as everyone else. Oh my.
But he is still my sweet Caleb. Talking up a storm these days. Wanting to be right with his brother or sister. REALLY playing with Callie these days...and fighting with Callie. But loving everyone. Is so quick to say sorry in his sweet voice. To tell his teachers at church thank you. Precious. I love him. Caleb Isaac - you are my precious baby boy - even though you tell me all the time that you are a big boy!!

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anthonyandbeth said...

He is just the sweetest little guy! So glad I got to see him in action even if it was brief! Love him!