Monday, November 7, 2011


On Sunday night after I finished leading children's choir, I got a message from Beth saying "I think I left my toiletry bag at your house". Sure enough - she had. All of her hair stuff, all of her makeup, etc. All sitting in my bathroom still! It's not a small bag, and so after initially talking about shipping it to her, we realized that the cost and delay before she'd receive it was going to be crazy. I had nothing major on my agenda on Monday, so we decided instead to meet halfway so she could get it. Callie and Addison were THRILLED to get to see each other for a quick little playdate!!

We met at an exit off of I-95 that was supposed to have a McDonalds with a playground, but our GPS ended up taking us to the middle of nowhere. We found an empty ball field and the girls were happy just to piddle in the grass with their babies for a little bit :)

We enjoyed our little playdate and then headed back home! :)

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