Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ready, Set, Go!

Oh, these awful porta potty lines! Gotta do it, but it's never fun. The lines were awful - 27,000 runners have to go!!! - so we were all actually in the lines when the starting gun went off!! It's a chip timed race though, so our "clocks" didn't start until our feet crossed the line. Still, it's always a little stressful!

Beth & Anthony on the shuttle to the start
David & Katy on the shuttle to the start
After the race - I noticed AGAIN that David and Anthony looked like twins - they were both in black pants and gray, long sleeved shirts! Isn't that a riot?
Here we all are - the finishers!!! The bummer about the 4 of us running was that NONE of us have any pictures from the actual race - because we were running in it!! But it was a great race. Anthony & David had intended to run together, but got separated after the porta potty line and never found each other. Beth & I lined up at the start to get a picture but then we had also decided we were going to run our own races. So all 4 of us were in our own grooves! :)

David's race was great - he set a personal record of 1:52 and was totally super excited about that. Remember his last half marathon last November? He blamed me for giving him Italian sausage the night before and had terrible heartburn the whole time and had to walk a bunch of it. So he totally saw this race as redemption and he rocked it!! I was so proud of him! I had been a little nervous because he had to take 3 weeks off the month before the race from a back injury, but the rest must have been just what he needed because he shaved 7 minutes off his best time! Way to go David!

And I had a GREAT race too!!! Not a PR (which I set BEFORE I got pregnant with Caleb), but my best race time in several years since having Caleb. My last race was around 2:15, and I finished in 2:05 which was AWESOME. I had sort of set a goal in my head to be under 2:10 and thought I could do it based on my training runs, but you just never really know what the course is going to be like and race conditions, etc. So I was super pumped to be able to hold on to my speed and finish strong!!!

We met up with Anthony, cheered Beth on at the finish, and then collected all our gear bags and promptly whipped out the cell phones to start texting and facebooking our results! :)
The finishers medal! :)

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