Friday, November 4, 2011


We drove up near the river in order to be able to board the ferry and head over to the expo. This is always a highlight for me of race weekend - it's always so fun to walk through an expo and get my free swag bag, see all the vendors, try all the samples, just enjoy the cameraderie with ALL the other runners milling around - it's exciting!!

I swear - it's like we were with Mr. & Mrs. Photogenic all weekend!! I kept taking pictures of them and they were all so good!! :)

It was fun riding the ferry over to where the Expo was...a little nerve wrecking perhaps, but fun :)

Our husbands hate us for making them take ALL these pictures...but we don't care....we do it anyways!

Me and my running buddy! :) Love her!

I mean - how can you resist these photo ops? :) (And I said when I took this picture that I would be SO stoked if that was my real time!)
(We also commented that the moral of this story is ALWAYS smile at the finish line - someone may be taking your picture and use it as a photo backdrop at an expo one day!! Just look at that poor lady on the right side...not looking very happy!)

This was me and Beth's first Rock & Roll race - and it was SO fun seeing all the rock stuff everywhere! :)

We all love our kids. Don't get me wrong. But we were super excited to be able to walk through the EXPO without them. And get to stop at whatever vendors we wanted! Take this one for example - an ear buds vendor that guarantees they DO NOT come out of your ears. Guaranteed. We were all sized (we all wear the same size if you can believe it) and it really was remarkable - they did NOT come out. Very cool.

Then we stopped at this foot place. David has had foot/back/hip issues and he loves for someone to look at his feet. No big surprises with his eval.

Then Beth got up. She's had a whole FIT of trouble with her feet and ankles during this training, and this guy was the first one to actually give her some good answers/reasons/suggestions/help with WHY and what she can do about it!

Of course, Anthony was watching the prognosis with dollar signs flashing before his eyes.....Beth did buy some new inserts for her feet.... :)

AND THEN....we turned the corner....and I about fell out on the floor!!!! Guess who I saw??? Dan & Jackie from the Biggest Loser a few seasons ago!!!

TOTALLY knew them right away. Totally threw my camera at Beth & said I've got to go meet them and take pictures!!!!

It was the COOLEST!! See the picture on my left? That was Jackie - Dan's mom. You can sort of see Dan's before picture to his right. He was huge. He's super young - early 20s. His mom said that she was totally to blame with him - took him to drive thrus and fast food all the time. He would down a 2-liter of soda at a meal. It was just so sad.

They totally changed their lives on Biggest Loser almost 3 years ago and are still keeping the weight off and staying healthy. They've started this KidsFit foundation that is promoting healthy living and active lifestyles for kids and travel around the country working with that. It was SO cool to get to talk with them! I told them that I am a total fan of the show and always am so inspired watching it!!! (Did NOT tell them we usually are eating ice cream on the couch while we watch...)
It was SO exciting. So proud of the changes they have made and how they are continuing to "pay it forward" with other people. Dan said he has done 10 half marathons this year! Talk about inspiring!!

It was so much fun. Loved taking our time. Picking up samples. Looking at goofy stuff. Tasting things. Grabbing freebies. Coupons. So much fun. I think we were there for 4 hours or something crazy. So fun.

And as we were standing in line to ride the ferry back over, David was giving Anthony a little cell phone lesson.....they crack me up....we married ourselves some crazy boys.

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anthonyandbeth said...

Ok! Loving all the pictures! It was so much fun! Love how we were literally able to take as long as we wanted and probably didn't miss a booth :-).