Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gramps and Rita come to visit!

On Saturday morning, we were SUPER excited for Gramps and Rita to come for a visit!! They were passing through South Carolina on their way to Hilton Head for vacation and so we got to snag them for the morning! They met us at the fields bright and early and got to see Callie cheer and Josiah & Jacob play flag football! (I'm so bummed I didn't get a picture of us out at the fields...but in my defense, I am usually pretty crazy between the 4 kids on three different fields, etc). They even got to see Jacob run for a touchdown and Josiah throw one! Hooray! Then they came home with us to have lunch and relax for a bit before they had to head back on their way. We LOVED having them!
Callie loves a captive audience :). She was showing Gramps her "magic books" (he got her the TAG reading system last year for Christmas, so he got to see how much she LOVES it!)
I have to "catch" my Dad to take a picture - I don't know if it's the Marine in him or what, but he doesn't normally pose. He gives me a look (as you can see) like I've caught him red handed or soemthing :)
He was a dad to four little girls - so he's pretty good with reading "American Girl" magazines and stuff :)
Caleb wanted to drive his car around outside for a bit...
And Rita was kind enough to listen to all his talking about who knows what while they were out there!
The boys took on Dad for a little Wii action...
...and goodbye came way too quickly!!!
Thanks for coming Dad & Rita - you are welcome anytime!! We love you!
(Nice camera work Jacob!)

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