Friday, November 4, 2011

Shirts at the EXPO

One of my FAVORITE stops at the EXPO is always the One More Mile stop - they have the FUNNIEST shirts and things. Totally crack me up! Here's some of my favorites...

LOVED this one...because when I run, whether it's a mile or 12 miles, I am a sweaty, stinky, red-faced mess. Always. I do NOT look like the people on TV - all pretty, hair still perfect, make up still in place. I definitely do NOT smell like a princess when running! :) And that's okay!

I totally laughed out loud of this one...because Beth & David had been posting on facebook left and right! :)

We runners are a little crazy about our Garmins. I begged Kelli to ship us hers so that David and I could BOTH wear one for the race. (He bought me one for my birthday last year and we share it...but neither one of us was willing to go without it for the race!!)

The front of the shirt....

...and the back.

And yes, I'm DEFINITELY a runner! :)