Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cue Music...It's Beginning to Look alot like Christmas!!!

Okay, so I have always been pretty much the Christmas police when it comes to setting up and decorating for Christmas. It has ALWAYS been the day after Thanksgiving. That's when we always did it growing up, that's the way it should be. Well, this year I decided to change things up a bit. Here's the thing. I'm married to a Music Pastor. That means we're listening to Christmas music beginning in June when it's time to choose the programs. That's rule #1 (no christmas music should be played until after Thanksgiving) already broken. This year David's family was going to be in town during Thanksgiving. The first weekend of December is completely taken up with my children's musical that I direct. The second weekend in December is completely taken up with David's adult concert. That leaves me with slim pickings for when to decorate. Last year we were travelling over Thanksgiving week, and so we were left to decorate for Christmas on a random Tuesday night. And since it was a school night, it was very rushed, I was grumpy, the kids were tired, etc. It was not right. So this year I decided that we would decorate early. On the day before Thanksgiving. Because we were all going to be home. Our company wasn't going to be here yet. And we could have "the day" like I envision in my head.
First thing out was this Little People nativity set. I've been wanting one for years. I finally got one last year at an After Christmas sale and it took all my willpower to put it away until THIS christmas. It was worth the wait - the kids have LOVED it!

Time to work on the three!!! Love this part!
I love pulling all the ornaments out...ooohing and aahhing over their handmade ones from Sunday school, telling them to be so careful with the glass ones, it's just precious.
Callie dancing to some Christmas songs :)

Our Fontinini nativity set. It's very special to me. My mom gives us a new piece every year. My sisters all have an identical set. The set is the same kind that we grew up with. My mom's mom, Gigi, got it for her because it was beautiful, and yet safe for the kids (my sisters and I) to touch and hold and play with. I love the fancy nativities - don't get me wrong. But I LOVE that my kids can play with ours and act out the Christmas story. It's one of my most special Christmas memories and decorations.

Caleb was very into the decorating this year! I think last year he may have already been in bed! :(

Each year we take turns with who gets to put the angel on top. This year it was Caleb's turn!!!

We do a code each year for our kids' presents from us. Instead of writing who the gift is for there is some sort of numeric or alphabetic code. My dad left his presents for the kids when he came a week or two ago, and his gifts had a code on it as well. (He always used to do a code for our presents too). Josiah got to work immediately trying to crack it! :) (Jacob called and asked Dad for a hint, but Dad refused :) ).

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Courtney said...

we decorated before thanksgiving this year, too - not all the way, but some. and i LOVED it!