Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday with Schrodts

A little glimpse of our Saturdays...
Callie was the cutest little cheerleader! (She's in the front way, on the far left). She had an AWESOME coach that was fabulous with the girls. Callie was the only 4 year old on her squad - everyone else was kindergarten or 1st grade, so she was by far the youngest - but she kept up and did great! (Although she did NOT enjoy cheering on the VERY cold Saturday mornings towards the end of the season)

Caleb loved watching the boys' play their games. Really, he loves anything that is outside and ball-related. We had some time between the two games and he just LOVES running up and down the field! :)

Snack is always the HUGE hit after the games...and Caleb somehow manages to sweet talk his way into getting a snack too!!
A little leaf pile fun in the afternoon...

This tree is in our front yard and is gorgeous right now!!!
This is always so cute - until after they are done playing outside and then I have all these body outlines in my driveway!! Looks a little CSI-ish!

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