Friday, November 25, 2011


David got sucked in. After he heard about my huge SCORE at my "Black Thursday" shopping the night before, he decided to come with me for Black Friday. The kids were all in bed. David's sister & her family were all asleep. It was about 11 pm and I was finalizing going over my list and I jokingly asked David if he wanted to come with me. He said "sure!". I couldn't believe it! So off we went - we headed to Kohls first, met in the van when we were done (because we may have been shopping for each other too!), and then headed to Target for some more success. We did great - I had HUGE success at both places and both stores were staffed extremely well!
This is one of the signs that I passed while in line at Kohls :). I love Black Friday. I'm able to get the things on my list for 80% off sometimes - can't beat that! And I will say that I liked the midnight opening of these two stores. It's easier for me to stay up until midnight, hit a couple of stores, and then get back in bed than it is to start my day at 3 or 4 am and then be up all day long. Yuck! We got back home around 3 am again, headed to bed, and then woke up bright and early for another great breakfast and a fun day ahead!
We took our cousins to the zoo (I know you're surprised by that) and the weather was gorgeous!
I suppose alot of people were still shopping, because it wasn't very crowded at all!
David's sister Sharolyn (her husband Wade stayed back at our house to work on a little problem they had with their car during the road trip)
We headed to feed the giraffes first. It's always such a huge hit - especially with people that have never done it before - and we wanted to get there before they ran out of lettuce!
Noah and Emily LOVED it!!!
Noah is alot like Jacob in a lot of ways He could have stayed here all day with the giraffes!

Noah, Josiah, and Jacob - these three had a BLAST together!
Emily and Callie

"Show me your best tiger face!"
LOVED feeding the lorikeets - who were extremely hungry this morning :)

Callie and Caleb and I rode the carousel a few times while the big boys were tackling the rock wall

After a few times on the wall, the big kids came and joined us on the carousel.

Noah gave it a good shot - but his shoes weren't the best for scaling palm trees :)

Caleb...AGAIN....talked non-stop about how he wanted to ride the horse. David was convinced he wouldn't be afraid if he was with his this time. Wrong. Again, he chickened out right at the front of the line. Beginning to make me look like a total loser parent that is pressuring her kid to ride a horse or something!!!

Gotta milk the cow in the barn!

David and his big sister Sharolyn
We came home and enjoyed a late lunch of Thanksgiving leftovers. The kids were absolutely having a great time at their "own" table - I caught them in a moment of hysterical laughter...over who knows what!!!
Wade & Sharolyn, Danny, and David
Danny is David's cousin that lives near Greenville. He came down for the afternoon to visit and catch up a bit - it was a real treat to get to see him!!

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sandi said...

such fun group pictures. scaling a palm tree sounds hard.