Monday, August 27, 2007

I'm Back (but no pictures)

Hello!! So it's been torture all weekend being able to read everyone's blogs but not send comments! My computer was acting up anytime I tried to do anything "secure" online, it would kick me off! So I just spent an hour on the phone with my closest friends at Microsoft and am back on track! I'll be catching up on my comments to you all later...

No pictures yet though - something weird is up with our camera battery, so they want me to send it in for them to fix. No pictures for a while.....booo!!!

David's first day of school today - welcome back kids!

Ran 3 miles again this morning (nothing compared to your 6 Courtney, I still can't believe you girl!). Felt really good - wondered if it was a fluke or if I'd ever be able to do it again, so I was glad to be successful. (Sorry to keep telling all of you about this, but it's sort of forced accountability).

Other than all that randomness, just doing errands today, laundry, boys got haircuts, etc. Off to rescue Callie - she's in the johnny jumpup and was a trooper while I was on the phone with my buddy at Microsoft!


Jayne said...

I thought it was odd that there was nothing from you for a few days! Glad you ahve all the technology back again (or almost) so you can keep up with everyone. It is kinda sad on that same note though that we don't pick up the phone and call or even better, write those long-forgotten things called letters! Sorry-I just went into the old-fashioned girl/grandma-mode (as Trevor would say) for a moment. We'll catch up some more tomorrow night!

Heidi said...

That is awesome Katy!!...if you have a goal and believe you can accomplish it then it shall be done. Way to go on the running accomplishments!!