Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A GREAT day!

What a fabulous day today was!!! I DID end up going running this morning - I didn't bail out on myself (which I very easily could have done), so Kelli you'd be proud! The 3 miles felt a lot longer this morning running on tired legs from staying up so late last night, but I felt great that I did it.

But what a GREAT time all of the women from our small group had today. We were missing Natalie, but other than that, everyone was there!!! It was just so nice to be able to all get together and just chat and catch up and have our kids play! The kids, by the way, did AWESOME!!! They had such fun playing together - everything was just so much fun!! I had hopes of having a craft or some activity to do (Heidi - you set the bar so high after our fun Valentine's Day party at your house), but gave up on that and decided just for food, fun and fellowship. I know I enjoyed myself! Ladies - I am so thankful for each of you and what you add to my life! Thanks for your friendship!!!

PS - You'll have to look on everyone else's blog for the pictures, of course. My battery is still dead! :(


Erica said...

It was indeed a great morning. The food was fabulous and the company even better. Thanks for having us into your home!

Jayne said...

It was a great morning Katy! Grayson talked about everything all the way home. Thank you for your friendship, hospitality, and encouraging words! I probably won't get around to posting until after the long weekend-not enough hours until we leave!!