Saturday, August 4, 2007

Callie sitting up?

So I was downloading pictures tonight to be able to update my blog, and lo and behold - here's this random picture! I did NOT take it - David must have - and I THINK he was trying to catch a picture of Callie trying to sit up? Her expression is hilarious - made me totally laugh out loud! Poor baby girl!


anthonyandbeth said...

she's working hard to sit up...she knows she has a lot of catching up to do to be like her big brothers! :) So cute, she is so precious, I just want to give her a big kiss!!!

Heidi said...

Look at that sweet little thing trying to keep herself up. She's trying so hard. Keep it up Callie!!! Now you have to crawl soon so you and Alayna can have little baby races:)

Jayne said...

What a great surprise though! Is it time for that already? They really don't stay little for long. After picking Grayson up after just 5 days away, I swear he got bigger and older while he was gone!!