Thursday, August 30, 2007

Here's The Girls!!!

Here we are!! Almost all the girls from our small group (we missed you, Natalie!) Thanks to Sue, for taking the group picture! (Her little tripod was the cutest!) Anyways, we really did have a great time at lunch yesterday. I was telling David about it and how many people we had in our little house and he just thought it was hilarious!! 12 children, 7 ladies = FUN!!! Thanks again everyone!!!
Today should be a much quieter day than yesterday! :) We are sort of "stuck" at home today because we dropped off our van yesterday for it's tune-up. That meant no running this morning, no pool later today, etc. So it will be a home day - a good day to catch up on some things (of course, errands will have to wait another day). Anyways, looking forward to just a regular day with my kids!


anthonyandbeth said...

look at how beautiful you ladies are! i know you all had so much fun together! God has blessed you all with a wonderful group of people for your small group! I bet the kids had a blast!

Courtney said...

i don't have a car today either - getting the oil changed before our next trip. we walked to the's still pretty hot out. and we CAN walk to the pool after naps. it's kind of a nice feeling to be "stuck" at home, isn't it? takes some of the options away!

Heidi said...

Thanks again for hosting such a great time with great food:) and fellowship. I think we should do it more often.

What are you talking about....we didn't need the crafts...that was just the preschool teacher in me:) I guess I couldn't resist. I think I'll even scrap it next time because it gives us mommys more time together and then the kids can just have fun playing together. It was perfect just how it was. Thank You!!!!

Jen said...

Oh what fun! We always need a down day after a big day or 2 of fun events. I missed having a down day this week, and my laundry basket proves it. I can't believe ya'll have 12 kids in your group. We will have 9 next month and then 10 by March. Kim is expecting, I don't know if you had heard that! Have a great day!