Friday, June 22, 2012

Why I love my OB/GYN office

besides the fact that their care is EXCELLENT....

....this is what was on the desk in my exam room!!!  I was waiting to see another partner (I'm rotating through the OBs now) and was waiting to see another doctor that I hadn't seen before.  This basket of New Testaments was on the counter!  Then as I was leaving, there was a sign taped to the door that was advertising another biblestudy on Revelation that he is preparing to teach in the coming weeks.  I mean - is that the coolest!!  :)

Checkup was great.  Baby looks and sounds great.  Head is down and right on my bladder (thanks doctor; couldn't have figured that one out on my own from the 3000 trips to the bathroom that I make daily).  Heartbeat was in the 130s today (normally in the 150s....I guess baby was sleepy instead of doing flips like normal....).  Measured at the "higher side" of normal today....freaked me out a bit because I wasn't at ALL two weeks ago.  Doctor was NOT alarmed at all...said different doctors measure a bit need for alarm.  Wanted to make sure that didn't mean I was having a baby any time soon or anything!  :)  Everything looks great - be back in 2 more weeks and then things get crazy and I'm there every week!  YIKES!!!

Ended the afternoon with a couple of hours at the pool playing "Pool Baseball"....oh the wonderful afternoons of summer!

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anthonyandbeth said...

Love it! This pregnancy is going by so quickly for me!!! :)