Saturday, June 23, 2012

Star Wars Marathon Day

For our anniversary, I got David "The Complete Saga" (it's actually called that) - the box set of all 6 Star Wars movies on Blu-Ray.  The kids were with me and thought that was AWESOME!!  When David unwrapped it, somebody said how great it would be to be able to watch them all in order.  Well, that made Josiah and Jacob think how incredibly cool it would be to watch in all in one DAY!  Once they had that in their head, there was no stopping them!  I told them how LONG that would take, but they assured me they were up for it!  I said okay - they could give it a shot on Saturday.  We had nothing on the calendar for them   and so why not?  David turned the first one on at 8 am and I woke up to the sounds of light sabres in surround sound!  :)  They were still all grins at 11 am when I left to take Callie to a birthday party, and when I came back in the afternoon, they were on the 3rd episode and still loving life.

 Caleb and Josiah - who kept telling me it was the coolest day of his life :)
By 5 pm, they were watching the 4th episode, David and Callie had fallen asleep on the couch, and Jacob was STILL curled up with his blanket (as he had been ALL morning).  Josiah still all grins, bright eyed and bushy tailed, and claiming it was AWESOME!

We had dinner and they continued with the 5th episode.  I gave the younger two a bath, put them in bed, and came downstairs to this:  

It's 9 pm now.  Jacob is asleep.  Josiah still on cloud nine.  I'm preparing to fold some laundry and enjoy the Ewoks :).  Oh the life with boys!

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Courtney said...

wow. what a fun mom you are! i bought that for pat for christmas - and him and the older kids watched most of them during christmas break. they loved them!