Thursday, June 28, 2012

Surprise Baby Shower!

On Wednesday night, we were finishing up rehearsal and I was shocked to see that it looked as thought David was going to wrap up 5 minutes early - this never happens!  He complimented the choir on a good rehearsal and then said we were dismissed to the cafe....for a baby shower!  Still stunned surprise on my face, trying to figure out who it was for and why I hadn't heard anything about it...then I realized it was for ME!  I'm the only pregnant one in the choir!!!  Such a fun surprise!  :)

The mystery cake - boy or girl?  The choir overwhelmingly is siding with Callie on this one and thinking its going to be a girl! 

 These people that we get to serve alongside of in the Worship Ministry are some of the most wonderful people we have ever had the pleasure of doing ministry with.  Not only  that, but some of the most precious friendships to me!!  We are blessed indeed!
(Don't let the pink "it's a girl" balloon fool you - they got me a pink one and a blue "its a boy" balloon.  Caleb wanted to sleep with the "its a boy balloon" in his room that night, so it's not in the picture.  No secret clues here!  :)
Thankfully David took a picture of the gifts when he got home from practice that night...
...because THIS is what I found when I came out of my room the next morning!  Callie and Caleb had RE-opened all the gifts and exclaimed over each one!  :)


Judy said...

So fun and I'm so glad they thought to have a shower for you. You definitely need some new stuff by the time you get to baby #5. Looks like you were very blessed!!!

anthonyandbeth said...

I love that they thew a surprise shower for you!!! And Callie and Caleb going thu the gifts cracks me up!!! LOL