Monday, June 4, 2012

Last Day of School 2012

Hooray - it's the last day of school!  This year has gone by quickly, but we are all SO ready for summer vacation!  :)  Josiah woke up and said "I'm so excited about the last day of school - I sure hope I pass 3rd grade!  I died laughing - the kid has gotten 100s all year long...pretty sure it was mathematically impossible for him NOT to pass 3rd grade!!  That's the perfectionist in him I suppose....not wanting to count his chickens before they hatch or something!
 Josiah - Last Day of 3rd Grade
 Jacob - Last Day of 1st Grade
 Today was Jacob's class party so I loved getting to go in and help with that.  He has had a fabulous teacher this year and they put together a little presentation for us to see called "The ABCs of 1st Grade".
 Each child got to come up to the smart board, use the microphone, and present a letter with some information about what they had learned.  Jacob somehow earned the job of being in charge of the microphone and handing it to each student as they came up.  Guess he is a little familiar with microphones :)

 His letter was "c". He showed us how he knew all 7 continents and labeled them with the smartboard.  I mean - technology is so cool! And so much fun!
 The party theme was fish - so lots of fun fish snacks and games :)

 Watch out 2nd grade - here they come! 
 Mrs. Enright and Jacob - we have LOVED her!!  Thank you for loving, challenging, encouraging, and teaching Jacob in such awesome ways this year!!!  He is ready for 2nd grade!!
 After Jacob's party was done, I headed down to Josiah's class to sign him out.  I told Ms. Williams about what he had told me in the morning - she thought that was hilarious!  She gave him his report card and assured him that he had passed with flying colors and was MORE than ready for 4th grade!
Josiah and Ms. Williams - thank you Ms. Williams for an awesome year this year!  Josiah absolutely loves to learn and this year has been no different  Thank you for continuing to challenge him and keep his love of learning alive!!!

And now, let summer vacation begin!!!

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Judy said...

Christian had a smart board in his classroom this year. That thing is amazing. Christian told me that he wanted one for Christmas, but since they're several thousand dollars a piece we rejected that idea.
I'm going to have a lot of catching up to do if I ever go back to teaching.