Monday, June 11, 2012

Get Ready for Baby Week!

I'll have to take some pictures later, but we have new rooms happening over here!  Nothing too terribly exciting as far as paint or anything, but some rearranging!!!  :)  This morning was the first morning of VBS at another church here in town.  They do an AWESOME job and this was the first year that even CALEB was old enough to go.  I felt guilty for about half a second when I signed all of them up - like "should I volunteer?" or "is it terrible to send them all there and me stay home?" and then quickly decided NO!  This week has been declared "GET READY FOR BABY WEEK" and I am hoping to take advantage of the mornings with NO kids here to get things ready.

This morning, I dropped the kids off (who were SUPER excited) and came home to discover that David had already moved Caleb's toddler bed (still hoping to find a twin bed) into the boys' room, and the crib was set up!!  His clothes are all still in the baby's room, but until I find a dresser, they'll have to stay there.  David found 2 tubs in the attic - one with boy clothes and one with girl clothes, so we'll see what sizes I still have!  Fingers crossed because I know I already consigned a bunch!  It's a good feeling to finally start getting things ready - since I am only 9 weeks away from my due date!!!


Judy said...

9 weeks! Oh goodness!! So exciting!

anthonyandbeth said...

9 weeks!!! crazy!!!