Thursday, June 21, 2012

Volcano Day!

A friend of mine - she was one of the other room moms with me in Jacob's class this year - invited us to join them over the summer for a few "Extreme Earth" days.  She was hoping to add some fun science projects/experiments into their summer plans and wanted to know if we'd like to join them.  Yes please!!  Charlie and Jacob were good friends this year and he has a younger brother, Jackson, who will be entering kindergarten this fall like Callie.  We were excited to get to join them for some fun!!

 Painting the volcano that Charlie and Jackson had made the day before...

 Creating the city and landscape around that would soon be destroyed by lava :)
 Eating some molten lava cake for snack while the paint dried...
 VERY yummy and a huge hit with everyone (Callie has asked me probably 100 times since then when we can eat some lava cake again!)
 After a bit of play time, we headed outside to start the explosions!  :)

Charlie got to go first...and it worked!  :)

It was quite fun!  I'm thankful for friends who have the creativity and organization that I lack these days in my very pregnant state...and yet allow my kids and I to take along for the fun!  :)  We had lunch and then swam at their neighborhood pool (they live in the neighborhood right next to ours) for a few hours before heading home.  A VERY fun day with friends!  :)

Our neighbor down the street offered to keep our kids that night so that David and I could go out for our anniversary.  They were so excited to play with their friends and we were so excited to go out to eat in quiet!!  :)  We went to a nice Italian place here in Lexington that we always forget about but is so yummy!  It's the first place we ate at the very first time we came here and interviewed - our Associate Pastor and his wife took us there and we haven't been back since.  It we delicious.  Fun to talk about where we were 14 years ago, where we hope to be 14 years from now (not pregnant, I can tell you that!)....David said that in 14 more years, I'll be 47 and he'll be 53!  Yikes - that sounds old!  :)  We enjoyed ourselves.  Decided to go back home and relax...didn't care to see any of the movies out right now, didn't feel up to walking around (I didn't...very pregnant feeling these days), didn't want to window shop (David hates is only fun for him if he is spending money), so we headed home to relax on the couch and rented "Act of Valor".  GREAT movie!  He had given me the book "Fearless" for our Anniversary and I finished reading it in a day.  Awesome book.  About our friend, Adam Brown, that we knew from living in VA Beach. He and his family were part of our church there and he was a Navy Seal - part of Seal Team 6 that took down Bin Laden.  Adam was killed in action in Afghanistan 2 years ago and this book chronicled his amazing testimony and story of how God totally turned his life around and used him tremendously...and is still using his story to bring Him glory!  Awesome read and then great movie about our nation's Seals and the tremendous work they do everyday to keep us safe.  Very very thankful indeed.

We picked up Callie & Caleb after our movie was over (the older two were spending the night), walked back home, and then stayed up until after midnight watching the USC Gamecocks win their baseball game to advance to the Finals of the College World Series!  They've won the last 2 years in a row - so let's see if we can make it 3!!  

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