Friday, June 1, 2012

The County Fair

All of the 3rd grade classes finished up a unit on Charlotte's Web and so in lieu of doing class parties at the end of the year, we did one big "county fair" for them on Friday.  It was so fun.  Each class was in charge of 2 or 3 stations that were county fair type games - pie eating contest, face painting, etc.  Our class room moms were in charge of the apple bobbing station and sack races.  The kids were so excited and it was a lot of fun!  Because it was on Friday, David got to come participate too :)

 We got there early before school to help set up out on the field - Callie and Caleb are such troopers!
 The kids could dress up in western wear (we don't own any of that...) and everyone got a straw hat to wear.  We saw lots of braids and overalls :)  So cute.
 Our neighbor, Abby, is on the right doing her best at the bobbing for apples :)
 Here's Josiah and his friend Miguel.  The kids loved this and it was absolutely hysterical to watch!

 I was in charge of the sack racing station.  I had borrowed some burlap sacks from Northside, but after the first half of kids finished their races, all but one sack had busted through the bottom.  We improvised and used a trash bag for the last set of races - and it held up remarkably well :)  Go figure!
 Many finished like this :)

 Pretty sure that's Caleb and Callie in there! :)

 This girl LOVES having her face painted!!!

We had a great time!!!

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