Saturday, June 9, 2012

NOTHING on the agenda!!!

I can not TELL you how wonderful it was to go to sleep last night knowing there was absolutely NOTHING on our agenda for today!!!  We had a totally relaxing day.  I got all caught up on the blog (ahhh...nice feeling again), spent a few hours at the pool with the family, Josiah read a whole book, David read a bunch of articles/listened to podcasts on prophecy, Callie and Caleb played farm animals, Caleb and Jacob took GREAT naps - what a GREAT day!!  Nice and relaxing - just what we needed!

Jacob did a good job navigating the younger two through most of a game of SORRY.  I had to end it early for bath time, but I was impressed at Jacob's patience and at Caleb's attention span to actually play!  :)


Courtney said...

i think there are 68 unread posts, let's see how far i get!! :-)

sounds like a WONDERFUL day!

Judy said...

I want a day with nothing on the agenda, but it's VBS week and we've got a boy turning seven this week! No rest for the weary!
I'm glad you guys got a day at home! After reading all these posts, it looks like you needed it!