Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day 2012

I'm pretty sure that I've said on here before that holidays that fall on a Sunday are tough for our crew.  Tough for David and I, tough for the kids, tough for all of us.  It is SUCH a full busy day anyways, and then you throw in a holiday with "extra" stuff and it just pushes us all over the edge.  So here we go - Father's Day falls on Sunday obviously.  So I was up to 5:30 am to make breakfast in bed for our daddy.  The kids were SO excited to join me and trickled downstairs about 10 minutes later.

 They loved doing this for me on Mothers Day, and so now it was Daddy's turn. We brought him up some french toast that we made and the kids all jumped on top of him to give him their cards.

 Jacob made his "card" on a piece of paper from a steno pad :)  He's not really into flowery's the message that counts, right?  (sounds like his daddy...)
 Reading Callie's card...
 David decided it would be easier to eat downstairs and so we all headed down to enjoy our french toast breakfast 6 am....
 Caleb helped David open his gifts...some new coffee for his Keurig...
... a new brown belt....of course I got him the wrong size....makes no sense that it doesn't match his pants size....and a framed picture of him and the kids from our camping trip to take to his office.  It was a fun treat to eat breakfast together before he headed up to church.

You would think that the rest of the morning would go smoothly since I was up with plenty of time to get ready for church and all.  I was only singing on praise team in the first service, not the second, so I didn't have to be there super early...only 8:30 am.  But of course the kids were cranky (they were up at 5:30 remember?), I was cranky and tired, and so it was a bit rough.  We were 5 or 10 minutes late for PT rehearsal and when  friend from choir asked how I was, I smiled and sort of shrugged and said "it's fathers day, so they were perfect and loving to daddy this morning but no so much for mommy".  It happens :).

We got home from church, had some delicious ribeyes for lunch that David grilled for us (is it terrible to have him grill his own Fathers Day lunch?) and then all took a nap!  :)  Much needed.  After we all got up, we decided to head down and explore the Riverwalk near downtown.  It's something I've wanted to do for a while, but didn't know much about it because it's not super close by.   A friend had just taken her kids recently and gave me the scoop on it, so I was excited to check it out. We packed a picnic lunch, threw our rollerblades and scooters in the car, and headed down.  

 We loved it!  Got there a little after 5 pm probably, walked/scootered/rollerbladed around the path that follows the river for a while, and then stopped to play around these rocks in the river for a bit.  The kids and David had all worn their swim suits, so it was GREAT fun!

 My kids LOVE these random cut-out pictures, so we stopped to take some raccoon pictures as we were walking around the lake some more...

After walking a bit more, we found a place to sit down and have our picnic dinner that I had packed and we enjoyed some peace and quiet...just watching the river, looking at all that God had created, being NICE to each other - it was great!  :)


 We found another spot by the bridge where the kids could go a bit deeper and actually swim a bit with David.  Not at all appealing to me, but they were SO excited.  I was perfectly happy to take some pictures and sit on the bench!
 Callie initially wanted to go out there with the boys.  She had refused to wear her bathing suit, but then of course when we got there, totally wanted to get all wet with the other kids (which I knew she would!).  I said that was fine, and out she headed with David and the boys. 

This picture is of Callie SCREAMING while David brought her back to the shore.   She got totally freaked out there - not sure why, but totally flipped and so David brought her back to shore to sit with me.  Caleb went back out with David for a bit :)
 After a while she decided she was okay to go back out and we switched again - I took Caleb and David held Callie (who clung to him for dear life...but no more screaming at least!)  The big boys TOTALLY loved it!!!
 Me and my sweet boy Caleb - see - I was there!!!
 I am SO blessed to have married this incredible man who is the BEST dad!!!

We really had a great time together.  After the morning started so rough, it was just what we needed as a family.  I knew we were going to unplug for an undetermined amount of time to work on some character and heart issues, and the evening cemented that for me.  We just loved walking around, talking, playing 20 questions, it did my heart good.    We came home, David and the kids bathed quickly while I finished putting our special dessert for Daddy together....
 Steak and french fries!!  :)
(Not really, it was chocolate ice cream shaped like steaks with grill marks carved in it that were filled with crushed oreo cookies, then pound cake that was cut with a crinkle cutter and toasted to look like french fries, and served with strawberry jam "ketchup".  Everyone loved it - especially since we had just had real steaks for lunch!  :)

Happy Father's Day David.  I am so thankful to have such a godly, patient, fun, steadfast husband who loves me and the kids wholeheartedly, and yet seeks after the Lord first and foremost in order to lead our family!!!  We love you!!!

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