Monday, June 4, 2012

The Columbia Blowfish!

Our local baseball team (I don't even think they are Triple A - maybe the division below that?) has a reading incentive program for the local schools.  For each student that completes reading 4 books during the last month of school, they can earn 4 tickets to a baseball game, a free hot dog and pepsi from the concession stand, and march in a pregame parade!!  The game was the night of the last day of school, so we decided it would be a fun way to celebrate!  :)

David took the younger ones up to get our seats while I waited with the boys down at the field for their pregame parade. 
 There's my readers!  :)

 We were super excited about the game - the boys had brought a glove and a ball, we were all comfy and ready for the game to start.
 Then they came over the loud speaker and said that because of the large amount of rain the day before, the infield was deemed unsafe to play and the game was being cancelled.  BUMMER!!  The good news was that our tickets (and parking stub!) would be good for any other home game during the season, and that our home team was going to come out and do a Home Run Derby for us.  That helped!  :)  We convinced the kids that it was our lucky day - we would stay and watch lots of home runs and STILL get to come back another day for FREE and watch a baseball game again.  Whew!  During the home run derby, David even caught a fly ball!!  It was our lucky night!
 The players hung out afterwards and gave autographs (Jacob was SO excited about this)
It ended up being quite a fun night - even if it wasn't exactly what we had expected!  :)

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