Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday's Date with Caleb - My Gym

The birthday party that Jacob went to last weekend gave me a great idea for another date with Caleb this week! I took him to "My Gym" - they offer those "free trial classes" in the hopes of getting people to sign up for their programs. They are super fun, I'm sure, but completely impossible if you have more than one child! So this was Caleb's chance - we went on Thursday morning and he LOVED it. He was the oldest one in that class (the class went up to 22 months, which he is) - I probably should have put him in the next class up (22 months - 30 months or something like that) because he was sort of like a steamroller over some of the babies in there. I had MANY a mom comment about how advanced he was, or how quickly/well he was doing some of the....obstacles? (not sure of what word to use for their stuff). I told them has 3 older siblings, and that seemed to explain a lot for them!
The trampoline was one of his favorite things. This picture says it all - see the baby in the background? Just sort of standing and perhaps leaning up and down on it? Well, Caleb would climb up there, fully jump 2 or 3 times and then come landing down like Superman flat out on his belly. He thought it was hilarious!

Of COURSE the ball pit was a huge hit!
They had this time at the end of class where they asked the parents to leave their kids and go out into the waiting area. The goal of this 5 minutes was to work on "separation anxiety" I think with the kids. Several of the parents stayed in there and just backed up a few feet away from their kids. Caleb, on the other hand, didn't even notice that I had left. He was totally fine! :) So funny how different kids are. I'm sure that 95% of the moms in there only had this one child, and I remember those days (sort of) with Josiah. It was fun to get to pretend for a few hours that Caleb was the only one! :) He loved it!

The class instructor was trying to convince me to sign Caleb up for classes by saying "look how well Caleb is doing? he's really loving it!" i told him that I KNOW Caleb is loving it, but I have 3 other kids and I never have ONLY Caleb with me. He stopped trying to get me to sign up after that! :) We had a fun morning together though!

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