Monday, June 6, 2011

Into our new Summer Routines

aaahh... School is out and now it's time to get into our new summer routines. Everyone around here does better with structure (can I get an AMEN!) so we jumped right into our new summer routines. Each morning, the boys are expected to get dressed, make their beds, make sure their room is cleaned up, practice their piano, read for 15 minutes, and do some schoolwork for the day. This is BEFORE any shows are watched or video games are played. They also have some weekly chores that they are responsible for - Jacob's jobs are vacuuming the stairs and emptying all the trash cans on Thursday. Josiah has to vacuum out the van and take the garbage can and recycling container out on Thursday. They both have to work together to clean their bathroom each week. Callie's responsibilities include making her bed, making sure her room is cleaned up, and organizing the hall shoe closet. So far, everyone has done very well!

We got very slack about our piano practice towards the end of the year, so it is good to hear the practicing again!! :)
Callie is all about doing "her" schoolwork lately too! :)
Callie and Caleb - she announced to him that it was time for them to do their piano practice, and of course he dutifully obeyed!

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anthonyandbeth said...

Sounds like you have started off with a good plan! Here's to a fabulous summer!!!