Friday, June 10, 2011

A Friday with Friends

With Josiah at camp, I knew quickly that we were going to need to come up with a distraction for Jacob or we were going to have a very sad brother on our hands! I talked my friend Alli into letting her two kids spend Thursday & Friday with us (including a sleepover)! Their older sister was at camp too, so it worked out perfectly! We had a great day on Thursday - including lots of fun at the pool! On Friday, we decided to hit the zoo!

Jacob & Cooper, Carlie & Callie (and an orangutan)
It made my heart so happy to be able to take Jacob to the zoo again! He is my animal lover and I've missed taking him during the school year! We will go many times this summer, I am sure! :)

Cooper was super brave in feeding the lorikeets! His personality reminds me alot of Josiah - which is probably why he and Jacob get along so well actually! Cooper is more cautious, reserved, introspective - whereas Jacob sort of lets everything hang out! They are very sweet buddies.
And then there are these two firecrackers! Carlie and Callie are VERY much alike - two fiery little girls that love ALL things girly, but are awfully tough cookies too! It is a HOOT having the two of them together!

It was a great day together. We always love the zoo and we loved having friends there with us!

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anthonyandbeth said...

You do have the best zoo. We would totally be members and have bracelets and barge in on all your zoo playdates if we lived in SC!! :-)