Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Tuesday Date with Caleb

I knew I wanted to really enjoy my alone time with Caleb this week while the older kids were at VBS. Time with JUST him is SO rare that I planned out a few special dates for us this week. On Tuesday, we went to storytime....for 1 year olds!!! We go to storytime every week...but it's always been Callie's storytime. It makes more sense for him to sit in on the 3-4 year old storytime than for Callie to sit in on the 1 year olds. So today we got to go to HIS age group. We went a little bit early so we would be sure to have time to play puzzles. We LOVE puzzles!

Then we headed in for storytime. Lots of fun songs, great books, fingerplays, etc. We read a book about the beach, and then all the kids got these streamers to pretend they were seaweed!! :)
At the very end they did a puppet show which was a HUGE hit - Caleb kept pointing as the animal puppets came out and showing me! :) The other hilarious thing was that he kept looking around and pointing at all the other kids and saying "baby" over and over again. I think he thinks he's 4 years old - and they were all babies. Little does he know that most of them were the same age as him!! :) It was a fun morning!

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