Sunday, June 26, 2011

VBS Street Party!

In keeping with the NY theme that was VBS this year, we threw a HUGE block party after church on Sunday. We promoted the day BIG time to try and get many of the kids that came during the week to come back on Sunday with their families and attend church! It was very successful, and we had a GREAT time at the street party! The pastors were all wearing special shirts with their names on the back, and the kids had a game to play. When they got 6 of the 9 to sign their card, they could turn it in for a free tshirt from the tshirt vendors :) and they were also entered into the drawing for a bucket of summer fun toys. It was a GREAT way for the kids to get to know who our pastors are!
It was HOT, so Caleb took a little break and enjoyed a sno-cone!

He also enjoyed some of David's hot dog - even with ketchup and mustard! (none of my other kids will eat mustard!)
Callie REALLY wanted to get her face painted, but it was a super long line. She waited with her friend Carlie and they were VERY patient....even though they were hot and tired!

Taking a break and having some cotton candy!
LOVE these girls. Alli told me two days before this that her husband got a new job in WV and they are going to be moving at the end of the summer. Can't tell you had sad it makes my heart. I'm going to have one VERY sad little girl when I tell her....
The girls wanted unicorns...
Holding still for the finishing touches - the glitter!
Definitely worth the wait! :)

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anthonyandbeth said...

Just popped on here and realized yu are updating! Yay!

Breaks my heart that her little friend is moving! I know you love their whole family and it will be a huge loss. I'm so sorry!

Off to bed. Super worn out from today but looking forward to catching up on the other posts tomorrow!