Saturday, June 11, 2011

Aaaahhhh....a free Saturday!

It was so nice to be able to wake up on Saturday and know that the whole day was ahead of us - and pretty much free to do what we wanted! That doesn't happen all that often, so we were ready to enjoy it! After heading out for a run, I showered and helped do some decorating at church for VBS next week. Jacob had a birthday party for a friend from his kindergarten class that lives in our neighborhood. It was at My Gym, so he was very excited about that!

Jacob, the birthday girl Ava, and Trinity (another friend from his class...Callie LOVES swimming at the pool with her...they are alot alike! :) )

We enjoyed some time at the pool in the afternoon and then tried to eat dinner early so we could get some tired kids in bed. Josiah started going downhill fast around 3 pm - I know he was flat exhausted from camp - so we were trying to get him to bed as quick as we could!
I had bought some fabulous looking artichokes this week to have as a celebration dinner when Josiah got back home. I told Jacob they were about as big as Caleb's head, so he had to test it out! :)
EVERYONE in this family loves artichokes! (although Josiah is the only one that likes his dipped in butter - everyone else (even David, whom I recently converted) prefers mayo!!)

I'm not sure how Caleb manages to eat these with hardly any teeth, but he LOVES them! Kept saying "mo, mo, mo" - as in "more, more more!"

YUM! The full bowl signifies lots of YUMMY artichoke eaten! :)


anthonyandbeth said...

Those artichokes WERE as big as Caleb! When I see stuff like this it makes me feel like we need more adventurous pallates in the Williams' family :-)

Kristen Deaton said...

Those were crazy big! Loved the pic comparing them to caleb's head. Next time, try adding balsamic vinegar to the mayo, yum! Even Chris liked it so much, he converted from butter!