Monday, June 13, 2011

Let the Week Begin!

This was the start to a FUN week!! The kids were super excited to go to a VBS this week at a church near us. They were doing a different theme than we are doing at Northside next week, so they were very excited to get to do 2 VBSs!! :) Callie was the most excited because she got to do it too (it starts at 4 year olds!). So on Monday morning, Caleb and I dropped all the big kids off (plus our neighbor Noah who went with the boys) and then headed back home just us!! I wondered how it would be with only Caleb. I had some special things planned for him and I for the rest of the week, but Monday is my cleaning day so we were just at home. He was so happy and content - I think glad not to be harrassed or messed with or squealed at for a little while! I wondered if he would be Mr. Clingy without anyone else there to play with, but he was SO happy just to play! :) I was able to get my house cleaned in record time (it's amazing how much quicker it goes when you don't have 4 kids undoing everything you are trying to do, or having to stop your cleaning in order to break up fights, put kids in time out, answer the "what can I do" question a million times, etc! :) The time went by quickly and we were happy to pick the kids up at noon. We went to Salsarita's that night for dinner and enjoyed kids' night there with our neighbors (who had NEVER been there - shocking!). Kids eat free, Mr. Balloon man there, great food - it doesn't get any better! :) We were off to a good start!

This boy loves him some queso!! Who doesn't, right?
We had a dragon head, two octopuses, 1 T-rex, a unicorn, and a car. Whew - we gave Mr. Balloon guy quite a strange request list!
This is Noah's little brother, Max. He and Caleb are just about 2 weeks apart, and Max is ALL about dinosaurs these days!! He loved his t-rex hat! :)

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