Thursday, June 16, 2011

Callie's Date with Daddy

About a month ago, I got an email from Chick-fil-A about a Daddy/Daughter Date Night coming up. Hadn't ever heard of anything like this before, but knew it was something David & Callie would LOVE to do so I made them a reservation! Callie was SUPER excited about her date with David and was all about getting all dressed up for it! (Her brothers thought it was a little weird that she was getting so dressed up for Chick-fil-a, but i told them to hush!)

SO excited to ride in Daddy's car with JUST him!
Chick-fil-A rolled out the red carpet! :)
This is her "i'm a little bit unsure, maybe half-pretending and half-real shy face"
All shyness disappears when she sees the cow. She LOVES Mr. Cow (and frankly anything dressed up in costume!)

David said that half of the restaurant was made over into a real-looking restaurant for people that had made these reservations. They were seated by the staff, and the tables were covered with white paper with crayons and fresh flowers. The CFA staff came to their tables with a menu to take their orders, and were dressed like real wait staff (white shirts, black pants).
Each table had this card on it...I suppose for the daughters and daddies that need a little nudge with their conversation. Callie doesn't generally need ANY help in this area! :)
They had a man playing the saxophone for some "mood" music...
She picked chicken strips for dinner (she always gets the nuggets but told David she wanted the strips....maybe she felt like she ought to get something "special"? :)
There was a lady doing makeup for the girls... David protectively told her not to do much - only lipgloss :)

What the "restaurant" looked like - there was a dad there with 4 girls :)
They had a spot set up to take pictures of each father/daughter. They took down his name/address and said they will mail him a copy of the picture.
They got free ice cream and toppings (looks like Callie picked gummy bears, sprinkles, m&ms, and maybe even a Reese's? Maybe David snuck that one on there...)
And then Mrs. Cow came! NEVER seen a girl cow before!!!
Callie told me she was Mr. Cow's wife!
Of course she had to play in the Playground area for a bit. Don't you love her smiling face in the crazy mirror!!
Mr. Cow played some music...
She got a carnation on her way out. She LOVED it - told me how MUCH she loved her date with Daddy. When I told her that she could cross it off our Summer List, she said "No! I wanted to have another date with Daddy!" :)

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sandi said...

that is so great that the restaurant did that! how fun for callie. and i LOVE that she got all dressed up, and lip gloss, oh my!