Friday, June 3, 2011

Goodbye Second Grade! Goodbye Kindergarten!

It was hard to believe that the last day of school was finally here. I remember sending them off on the first day like it was yesterday!! But here it was - school had come to a close! I got to read "Last Day Blues" to Josiah's class first thing in the morning! We had checked it out of the library this week and my kids got a kick out of it. It's by the same author that wrote "First Day Jitters" and is about a class that is worried about their teacher being so sad on the last day of school. It's very cute and shows that while everyone misses each other during summer, everyone - even teachers - look forward to vacation! I enjoyed spending some time with Josiah and his class since I was going to be occupied in Jacob's class. David and Caleb were able to go to Josiah's party while Callie and I finished preparations at school for Jacob's party.
Josiah's serious faces always crack me up! Wonder what he was thinking about? :)
Poor Caleb was apparently being swarmed by gnats. David said they would just be all over his face - must be because he's so sweet!
A little beanbag tossing...

Who doesn't love a sack race!!
And then it was time for Jacob's party!! We did lots of water games outside (I was up half the night listening to the thunderstorm that came through but was totally relieved when it was all clear and passed over by 8 am!!)
Water balloons are always SO fun! (and yes, of course Callie was right in the middle of it!)
We were supposed to be passing the water balloons around (hot potato style) in the circle, but somehow Jacob ended up with a whole bunch of them!

TRYING to get them into two straight took a little help!
We were doing the sponge relay - the first person in each line would fill up the sponge and then pass it down the line and the last person would squeeze out the water into the bucket. I'm telling you - it doesn't take much in kindergarten!! They loved everything! :)
Then I turned on the bubble machine and had them all pick up the pieces of the water balloons that were all over the grass before the bubbles stopped! :)
We headed inside for more beach luau fun. We played summer bingo and they enjoyed their food while I read "Last Day Blues" to them.

Last time on the mat before dismissal!!
Jacob and his wonderful teacher Mrs. Stewart!

I am SO thankful for the amazing year that both of the boys had this year. They learned SO much and have grown an amazing amount since I first dropped them off last August. We were blessed to have fabulous teachers that encouraged and challenged them all year long. I am so thankful to have been able to be as involved as I was this year. Now let the summer begin!!!

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anthonyandbeth said...

I'm so glad your boys had such great years! What a blessing! You are such a good mom to those boys! :-)